Neoplay Crowdsale Is Closed

May 5 8:00PM UTC - June 2 8:00PM UTC





Neoplay Crowdsale Is Over

Tokens Remaining: ( 0 %)

Neoplay Native tokens:




base rate:

NEO = 500 NPLAY &
         500 EPLAY

base rate:

ETH = 5 000 NPLAY &
        5 000 EPLAY

Purchase the Neoplay tokens, NPLAYG and EPLAYG

Ended June 2, 2018, 8:00 PM UTC 

Although the crowdsale has closed you can still purchase NPLAYG and EPLAYG from exchanges or other users.

If you would like to purchase NPLAYG or EPLAYG,

Check out the TokenStore.

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NEO and Ether (ETH) are the only accepted currencies for the Neoplay Crowdsale. Read more information about our tokens and our crowdsale through our whitepaper

Our NPLAY and EPLAY tokens will be initialized as ERC-20 tokens for ease of transfer between Neoplay and crowdsale contributors. The NPLAY tokens will be capable of becoming NEP-5 compliant (NEO compatible) when the NEO smart contract is deployed in Q2 2018. 

This allows both tokens to be compatible with all major exchanges and wallets. Furthermore, this allows crowdsale contributors to receive both tokens immediately and exchange them freely. Conversion of NPLAY tokens will be done through Neoplay's API at the time of deployment.

Our crowdsale contract is available on our GitHub

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