The Neoplay Platform + Reroll

Neoplay is the first decentralized cross-network dicing platform built on the NEO and Ethereum blockchain.

Users will have the option to use Neoplay's native tokens to reroll their losing bets against the house while the user's odds of winning remain unchanged.


This is made possible by our sister smart-contracts. Every token spent to invoke the reroll mechanic will be immediately burned. Rerolling will effectively reduce the total supply of tokens available as demand for rerolls stays constant. This built-in scarcity will appreciate the value of existing tokens.

Dicing on The NEO network

Total Return On Investment (ROI)

Change (%)



Decentralized dicing platforms have proven to be the most successful crypto projects based on ROI.


Part of what makes blockchain based dicing projects so successful is the first mover advantage on their network. Ethereum already has many dicing platforms built on top of their generalized blockchain. Despite their success, NEO still has none.

Neoplay is strategically positioned to leverage NEO's recent growth by building and growing the future of online gambling into the NEO smart economy.

A Cross-Network Platform

For the purposes of accessibility and risk management, Neoplay has developed two functionally identical "sister" smart-contracts built on NEO and Ethereum. 


Bitcoin (BTC) was the dominant medium of exchange for crypto dicing platforms before the advent of Ethereum's smart-contracts. As Ethereum dicing applications were built they quickly dominated and many users are still using these same applications today.

Neoplay is inviting existing players to continue betting in Ether while its identical sister tokens (NPLAY & EPLAY) serve to reroll on the NEO and Ethereum smart contracts respectively.

Both tokens have their own unique supply pool and most importantly both tokens will be credited to crowdsale contributors.


Neoplay's Native Sister Tokens
The "PLAY" tokens







Crowdsale Distribution

1 Sale 2 Tokens

Crowdsale investors will be credited BOTH tokens. The NPLAY & EPLAY tokens are Neoplay's native tokens and will serve as the core of the platform. Future projects developed by Neoplay will also utilize both tokens on both networks.

Founders reward

Neoplay founders will hold 10% of all tokens left after the crowdsale. 5% of all tokens will be reserved for our official bug bounty. In addition, the founder tokens will be locked for 1 year.

All other tokens sold will be unlocked and can be traded freely.


Total Supply


Crowdsale Supply


NEP-5 Compliant


Total Supply


Crowdsale Supply


ERC-20 Compliant

All unsold tokens will be burned.

Early Distribution Bonus

Where Can I Learn More?


Read our whitepaper detailing the Neoplay platform and crowdsale/token information. 

How Can I Participate?


Read our official crowdsale guide and crowdsale FAQ on how to participate in the Neoplay crowdsale.

Why The
NEO blockchain?


Learn more about the NEO network and how Neoplay intends to lead in online gambling for the future smart economy!

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